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Wood Garage Doors Benefits

Wood Garage Door – Intro

Wood garage doors are becoming more and more popular these days. Though wood is thought to be traditional, more and more homeowners are opting for its beautiful versatility. There are many options for garage door material such as: aluminium, steel, glass, vinyl and more. in the following article we will explore the benefits of wood garage doors.

Deciding Factors

Wooden garage doors are offer a unique aesthetic appeal. They are extremely durable and easily customized. It is a straightforward process to have your wood garage door custom designed to suit your home and family. Wooden garage doors require annual maintenance, but then they all require a certain amount to maintain proper function. They also tend to cost just a bit more than some of your other choices.
wood garae door benefits

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Wood Garage Door Pros

There are a number of wood garage door design options offered on the market including classic, carriage, and modern styles. Regardless of which one you choose; wood doors are simply beautiful and provide elegant charm. You may choose from stain colors and patterns to further personalize your garage door. With proper maintenance and a few touch ups here and there, your wooden garage door can last for years to come.

While wooden garage doors can be extremely expensive, there are also more cost effective options. The designs generally range from middle ground to very pricy. There are light weight styles at the lower price range. These are insulation filled and hardboard or plywood wrapped. You can also choose from the extravagant varieties such as those made from cedar, mahogany, and redwood frame and panel doors.  

Wood garage doors are somewhat simpler to customize to suit the style of your home. For this reason, many historical property owners opt to have them installed. They are durable, sturdy, and cannot be easily dented. Buffing, re-staining, and re-sealing are, of course, required periodically throughout its lifetime; however, the beauty of wood is not easily diminished by bumps and pings.   

chosing wood garage door

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Wooden Garage Door Cons

Wooden garage doors require more maintenance than other types. To keep their beauty fresh, they must be refinished every couple of years. It is also essential to ensure that they are regularly sealed to protect them from water damage and rot.

Wood garage doors are at the upper end of the cost scale. Those which are highly customized can end up costing more than many others. It is important to choose a professional garage door technician to design and install yours. This will go a long way towards keeping your repair fees down.   

Even with the possibility of added expenses, wooden garage doors are well worth the investment. They offer simplistic versatility and graceful magnificence to both your home as well as your neighborhood. Call our expert technicians today at Norman Garage Door Repair and allow us to answer all of your installation questions.

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