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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Springs Function

The function of your garage door springs is to counterbalance the weight of the garage door, in order to make it easy to open or close. The two main springs used on a garage door are the extension springs and the torsion springs. Extension springs are located on both sides above the upper tracks, while the torsion springs are attached just above the closed garage door.

garage door springs

Call us For Springs Repair

If the garage door springs are broken or in need of repair, the garage door would become jammed and won’t budge an inch, even by force. In fact, it is highly perilous to try and operate a garage door when the springs are broken. It is a prudent measure to seek the assistance of a professional team when replacing the springs, as it poses great safety hazards.

Broken Garage door springs not only threaten the security and safety of your garage, it also leads to severe operational problems. Our professional team of experts understands that any issues pertaining to garage door repairs should not be taken lightly and are drilled in all the right tools and technologies needed to install and repair garage door springs of all natures and companies. The experts at Norman Garage door repair help you make informed decisions about what kind of spring would best suit your panels, and also scrutinize the condition of your garage door to ensure that everything is working flawlessly.

How Frequently Should You Replace Your Garage Door Springs?

You can prevent your garage door springs from breaking and showing signs of wear and tear by keeping them cleaned and lubricated. Additionally, it is highly recommended to subject your garage door to annual preventive maintenance services to add life to the garage door springs and prevent any unforeseen mishaps.

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