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Garage Door Repair Basics 

We at “Norman Garage Door Repair” offer garage door system services in the following areas:

Norman, Oklahoma City and Moore.

Our garage door services include:

  • Replacing malfunctioning and worn out garage door hardware
  • Adjusting garage door cables and drums, tightening nuts and bolts, lubricating rollers and hinges
  • Adjusting Garage door tracks and springs.
  • Replacing garage door parts:  cables, springs, rollers, opener system, panels

Our expert garage door repair team is available 24/7 for all your garage door  needs. Our technicians are well trained and are familiar with all types of  garage doors, damages and repairs.

We will first inspect your door, then we will decide what kind of repair it needs.

Years of wear and tear on your door mechanism, or a sudden damage to your door opener hardware, can ultimately lead to a broken garage door. A dilapidated garage door can seriously affect your schedules and compromise the security of your house.

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Common Causes of Garage Door Issues

Most common garage door problems are: broken springs, broken rollers, broken cables. These problems can lead to malfunctioning of your garage door. Among the issues most difficult to diagnose is when the cable pulley wears out on the extension spring door.

If the door is not maintained properly, the following issues can suddenly appear:

  • Cables are frayed
  • The garage door track is out of alignment
  • The photo eye is misaligned
  • Transmitter batteries have run out

This could seriously compromise the performance of your garage door.

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The service trucks of Norman Garage Door Repair are always stocked with every possible garage door parts to ensure hasty dispatches and same day repair services. We can replace any weather stripping, cables, vertical and horizontal tracks, bearing plates, bottom seals, hinges, rollers, extension springs, torsion springs, and garage door openers. We handle residential and commercial garage doors.

Our expert teams are equipped with all the major brand parts of your garage door opener:

  • Torsion conversion kits
  • Wall controls
  • Garage door opener gear kits
  • Safety sensors
  • Keyless entry systems
  • Remote controls.

Checking Whether Your Garage Door Needs to Be Replaced or Repaired

When you call on our maintenance services, our professional garage door experts would inspect your garage door and inform you about the state of your garage door and if it needs repairs.  Our technicians are diligently trained to handle a variety of garage brands, styles, and configurations of garage doors.

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