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Garage Door Maintenance

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We Offer the Following  Garage Door Maintenance Services in Norman, OK:

* Garage door maintenance.
* Garage door adjustment.
* Garage door inspection.
* Garage door troubleshooting.
* Lubrication.
* Fixing of garage doors.

We recommend on maintenance service at least once a year, in order to keep your garage door safe and running properly.

garage door maintenance

It is very important to read the following garage door maintenance tips:

*Grease should never be used for lubricating your garage door. Grease is prone to hardening in cold weather and renders your garage door inoperable and hard to open and close. Light lithium based grease is a more viable option for lubrication, while WD-40 is the worst.


*Lubrication is extremely vital for maintaining your garage door and augmenting years to its life. Only the most trusted and top-notch lubrication products have to apply to all the track rollers and bearings of the spring shaft. Lubrication is not needed on the black plastic rollers and not even on the springs unless they are showing signs of rust.

garage door lubrication

*The lifting cables should be inspected twice yearly for signs of decay and wear. Frayed strands can misalign the door, severing the operation of the door and creating a hazardous condition. Keep an eye out for any broken strands or damaged parts near the bottom roller bracket

Need a Professional Garage Door Maintenance? Just Call: 405-561-2718

*Twice a year, get your garage door inspected for loose hardware, including nuts and bolts.

*If the garage door doesn’t open with the wall button or the remote control, there are two areas to check. If the wall button has a safety feature known as the “lock out” button, check to see if it was inadvertently left pressed, causing the door to stay closed. Additionally, look for the safety sensors at the bottom of the garage door. If the lights on the sensors are off or blinking, this shows that the sensors are either broken or misaligned.

*The springs of your garage door are under a lot of stress and thus you should not attempt to adjust or handle them at home. Special precaution is exercised when working with springs, or any other parts connected to them.

*Be it steel or nylon rollers; get them inspected twice annually. Even if the rollers might not seem damaged, they should be replaced every 7 years.

Need a Professional Garage Door Maintenance? Just Call: 405-561-2718


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