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Garage Door Cables

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Garage Door Cable Repair

To ensure a smooth and flawless functioning of your garage door, the condition of your garage door cables are of utmost importance. In most garage doors, these cables are affixed to the drum situated near the top of the door and run down towards the bottom section of the garage door. As the garage door moves up and down, these cables help in sustaining the weight of the door and keep it from crashing down.
garage door cables

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A broken cable not only poses serious safety hazards, it also renders your garage door inoperable. If your garage door poses a challenge in functioning, it is vital to get these cables repaired or replaced as early as possible. Always refrain from attempting to repair the cables at home, without the assistance of professionals. These cables are usually under a tremendous amount of tension and are the most dangerous part of the door to repair without expert knowledge and tools. We recommend calling our professional team of experts to access and provide a solution to your problem.

Garage Door  Cable Install

The highly skilled and trained technicians at Norman Garage Repair are drilled in all the right tools and technologies to examine and inspect the condition of your garage door cables and install cables that suit the requirements of your garage door.

Emergency Service

The technical teams at Norman garage door repair have carved out a steady niche in the industry due to their top-notch and extremely efficient emergency services. Our dispatch trucks are always fully equipped with each type of garage door parts, in order to provide same day services to our clients. The broad knowledge and extensive expertise of our team lays the groundwork for effective installation services wherever and whenever you need.

System Cable Maintenance

To guarantee that your garage door keeps operating efficiently and safely for years to come, it is a prudent idea to invest in our system cable maintenance services twice annually.