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How to Mainten your Garage Door During the Summer

In order to prolong the life of your garage door as much as possible, you must keep it well maintained. This includes summer up keep. Some of these tasks are simple and others can be more complex. Certain garage door maintenance jobs have a fee attached to them, while others cost only a bit of your time. A few might be better left to professionals and many can be weekend projects.   

summer maintenance

Key Inspection

One of the most important things you can do for your garage door in the summer is carefully inspect it. Some recommend this is to be completed every two years, while most experts say that it is better to inspect your garage door annually. It is simple to set your schedule to remember to inspect yours every summer.   

  • Examine your garage door for wear and tear.
  • Inspect for loose hinges.
  • Check for warping of the shafts.Ensure that no wheels are damaged.Inspect the wheel bearings for wear.Check for misalignments of the track.Ensure the smooth operation of the lift cables.

Safety Tip: Garage door lift cables and springs can snap without any notice as they under intense pressure.  

garage door inspection

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Critic Lube

Much of the noise from the operation of a garage door can be eliminated by a thorough lubrication. Use a lint free cloth to remove the grease and debris from the track. Always purchase a high-quality lubricant, especially for your door’s moving components.

Lube them well and include the metal rollers, tracks, and hinges. Never lubricate these parts with heavy oil or grease. Graphite should be used to maintain function of the nylon rollers, plastic idle bearings, and locks.

garage door lubrication

Prevent Rust

Thoroughly clean all the grime from your garage doors and windows. This should be done as need throughout the season to avert rust. Steel and aluminum door surfaces should also be washed with mild soap and rinsed completely. To extend protection, use a top-quality car wax on the front side every year or so as well. Those who live in coastal regions should take special note of this.

Tip: Never use abrasive, ammoniated, or solvent based cleansers on your garage. Carefully sand flaking paint and/or rusty spots. These are signs of water damage. Only use a zinc-rich, high-quality primer and premium exterior latex coating paint to refinish the area.  

garage door wax

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Fresh Look

Ensure you have completely removed all mildew; dirt; rust; oil; and other foreign debris before applying any paint. The paint will not dry and adhere properly, if any dirt remains. You may also use the premium-quality exterior latex paint on wooden and plastic surfaces. Norman Garage Door Repair will be happy to complete this summer ritual for you, just give us a call.

Need Professional Maintenance? Call us: 405-561-2708