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Garage Door Torsion Springs Simplified

Non-extension torsion springs are an integral element of the proper function of your garage door. Springs of any type are also one of the most dangerous components when requiring repairs. It is important that a knowledgeable person complete this project to ensure everyone safety. This will also safeguard your valuable property. Should you need assistance with your garage door springs, contact Norman Garage Door Repair today. Our professional techs can come right out to complete your repairs.

Torsion Spring Low-Down

  • Torsion springs are most commonly attached to the shaft just above the garage door.
  • They are a vital component to your garage door’s entire system.
  • Some garage door torsion springs are housed by the shaft. The shaft may pass through the middle of the spring/springs of others.
  • The torsion spring may be attached in the middle or at the end of the shaft on the outer edge of the garage door, if the spring passes through the middle of the shaft.


Standard Torsion Springs

Standard torsion springs are the most commonly used types, especially for residential garages. An anchor bracket is used to secure this kind of springs. It has a 1 inch, outside diameter and is rotated on the shaft. Some springs are attached with an offset mount. Residential garage doors may have a single torsion spring or two with two being the safest and most durable option.

Wayne Dalton Torque Master Torsion Springs

Wayne Dalton Torque Master torsion springs are said to be the safest type on the market, while still being simple to use and created from high quality materials. This two-spring system is situated on the inner portion of the shaft. It also has a cross section edge which creates a safer environment to complete removal, installation, and/or repair. This torsion spring includes a winding cone located on the opposite end and may be wound with an electronic drill.

EZ-Set Torsion Springs

EZ-Set torsion springs involves a shaft secured adjacent the cable drum; use of a winder; and a plastic shaft retainer. It is designed to be intuitive for two-door or larger garages. The EZ-Set springs must be mounted to the winders situated at each end of the 1 inch, diameter shaft. The winder also has an R and an L to indicate the right from the left while winding.

Standard Commercial Torsion Springs

One of the most popular aspect of Standard Commercial torsion springs is that the system involves at least four springs, sometime more. This provides a great deal more safety and strength during operation. There are four types of layouts for these springs. These include linear; mixed; duplex; and triplex. Duplex and triplex systems have wires that connect to stationary cones; a bearing to the left; and a shaft with a spring anchor bracket. The difference is the number of springs each uses. The linear system has two springs on either side of the garage door. The mixed system involves any combination of the first three types mentioned.

Rolling Steel Door Torsion Springs

Rolling Steel Door torsion springs compensate for the fact that the door is designed with interlocking slats and requires additional mobility for operation. The torsion springs acts as a counterbalance for the door’s intense weight. All the springs are inconspicuously housed under the closed barrel making it easier to open and close the door.

Trac-Rite Torsion Spring

The Trac-Rite torsion spring system is used to operate single piece curtain garage doors. They are often referred to as mini warehouse or self-storage doors. This type of garage door has only a single piece as opposed to the interlocking slats of the rolling steel doors mentioned above. These types of torsion springs wrap around a bolt, the end of which secures to the drum.

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