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Garage Door Opener Safety Tips

Garage Door Opener Safety Tips

The process of garage door opener installation is not a complicated procedure for those with experience. It is extremely important that it is installed properly to prevent possible dangers. The DASMA highly recommends that a trained technician perform this operation. This also ensures the safety of your family, home, and property.

Precautional Measures

Always observe your garage door during the length of its operation. This applies to any type of door; however, it is especially important for those with electric openers. Do not allow any living creature to be near the door. Children and animals can be trapped and injured or killed by its operation.

The top section reinforcement bracket is a crucial component of your garage door. It absolutely must be correctly installed and properly in situated. Owners sometimes forget this step when they are in a hurry. The garage door installation manual should provide precise instructions or you might consider calling a professional technician at Norman Garage Door Repair to ensure every important detail is properly handled.

If your garage door feels unusually heavy or you need both hands to lift it, adjustments are generally required. This is probably a balance issue and can be caused by a number of things. It is best to call upon the services of a professional garage door tech to correct this situation. These types of adjustments can pose a serious threat, especially to inexperienced home owners.  

Garage door openers are equipped with a safety reversal mechanism. This is to ensure that they automatically reverse when they encounter any object. The DASMA strongly suggests that you hire a professional technician to complete these adjustments, especially, if you are unsure of the procedure. This garage door feature saves lives every year.  

Garage door installation has been required to include photoelectric eyes since 1993. This is another crucial safety mechanisms which prevents injuries and saves lives. Any time that the laser beam is interrupted, the garage door will reverse its trajectory. Ensure that you upgrade your garage door immediately, if it is not equipped with this vital safety feature. The electric eyes should be installed no more than six inches above the floor.  

Essential Tips

A garage door opener control button must be must be located at least five feet from the floor. This is to ensure that no children at play have access to it. A garage door can cause severe damage to property, serious injury, and/or death.  

The portable remote must also be kept well out of the reach of curious hands. Be sure that children understand the importance of garage door safety. Never leave them unattended around the door or allow them to play games with it. This precautionary measure also prevents garage door remote access to criminals.

The access code for garage door remotes can be obtained and recorded for later use by burglars. Many thieves take advantage of this fact. Call Norman Garage Door Repair and ask about installing a new garage door opener with a rolling code to protect your home and family today.