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How To Fix Your Garage Door Cables

Prior to launching your garage door cable repair project, it is important to determine that exact issue. Many owners can correct problems with the cables; however, if it is an issue with the operator itself, you may require professional garage door assistance. Norman Garage Door Repair is here to assist you with your garage door and in the case of emergencies, our pro techs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days every week.

Garage Door Track Inspection

Your garage door operates by gliding on metal tracks on each side. Examine the tracks to determine whether there is an obstacle in the way preventing the door from gliding smoothly. Inspect the brackets to ensure that they are not loose. If they are, the brackets may be tightened using a wrench. A rubber mallet can be utilized to straighten any dents that you find in the metal. It is vital that your garage door tracks are also clean of any type of debris that may prevent the door from moving smoothly. Be sure to clean the rollers as well.

Garage Door Tracks

Cable Test

The next step is to test your garage door cables. The garage door should be completely open and the opener disconnected. Now, manually lower the door a bit to ensure that it glides freely. Difficulty in moving your garage door indicates that the issue is most likely with the cables. Keep in mind that the Norman Garage Door Repair experts can repair your cables in no time flat should you need our help.

open garage door

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Garage Door Cable Adjustment

One common cable issue is that they slide off the pulley system. Open your door until it is only a few feet from being closed. Attach vice grips on both sides to ensure that it remains in place. You will need a ladder to get to eye level with the top of your garage door. Examine the door’s pulley system to determine if it has slid off. Be sure to inspect for fraying, wear, or tear while putting your cables back in place.

Garage Door Cable Adjustment

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Always replace your garage door cables, if they show any signs of damage. Remove the old ones from their brackets. Loosen the bolts which hold the wires in place on the pulley system. Replace the old ones with the new cables and re-tighten the bolts to them in place. Retest your new garage door cables manually without the opener and with the opener. This is to ensure that everything is in proper working order. Should you run into any issues in your garage door cable repair project, call upon Norman Garage Door Repair. Our professional team is here to assist you any time.

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