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How to Mainten your Garage Door During the Summer

In order to prolong the life of your garage door as much as possible, you must keep it well maintained. This includes summer up keep. Some of these tasks are simple and others can be more complex. Certain garage door maintenance jobs have a fee attached to them, while others cost only a bit of […]


Wood Garage Doors Benefits

Wood Garage Door – Intro Wood garage doors are becoming more and more popular these days. Though wood is thought to be traditional, more and more homeowners are opting for its beautiful versatility. There are many options for garage door material such as: aluminium, steel, glass, vinyl and more. in the following article we will […]


Garage Door Opener Safety Tips

Garage Door Opener Safety Tips The process of garage door opener installation is not a complicated procedure for those with experience. It is extremely important that it is installed properly to prevent possible dangers. The DASMA highly recommends that a trained technician perform this operation. This also ensures the safety of your family, home, and […]


Garage Door Insulation Tips

Garage Door Insulation – Introduction One of the most cost effective home improvement projects available is garage door insulation. It streamlines energy efficiency with a return on investment of just pennies on the dollar. This does not complete the list of advantages that insulating your garage door offers. It can dramatically increase the value of […]


Garage Door Torsion Springs Simplified

Non-extension torsion springs are an integral element of the proper function of your garage door. Springs of any type are also one of the most dangerous components when requiring repairs. It is important that a knowledgeable person complete this project to ensure everyone safety. This will also safeguard your valuable property. Should you need assistance […]


Common Garage Door Opener Issues

In the following article we will review most common reasons for garage door opener issues . Many issues may be resolved simply and quickly without the need of a repairman. If you are experiencing something much more complicated, contact Norman Garage Door Repair and we will rush out to inspect yours. Our pro techs only use […]


Types of Roll Up Garage Door

Roll Up garage doors are designed to move vertically and wind or gather into a roll. It is extremely as it provides a great deal of convince and secure simplicity. Roll Up garage doors can protect your valuables and business from criminal activity as well as harsh weather elements. Norman Garage Door Repair is made […]


How to Replace your Garage Door Springs

Replacing your own garage door springs can save quite a bit of money. On the other hand, it is one of the most hazardous garage door projects to complete. It is important that a knowledgeable person replace them as it places you, your family, and your valuables in danger. Call upon Dallas TX Garage Door […]


How To Fix Your Garage Door Cables

Prior to launching your garage door cable repair project, it is important to determine that exact issue. Many owners can correct problems with the cables; however, if it is an issue with the operator itself, you may require professional garage door assistance. Norman Garage Door Repair is here to assist you with your garage door […]


About Norman, Oklahoma

Norman is one of city’s of Oklahoma, Cleveland county. Norman is a unique city that enables high quality of life, affordability, rich culture, beautiful nature.   With population greater than 110,000, Norman is a leading city that offers opportunities for visiting, staying, doing business, eating, shopping and dining. General information about Norman:/ Shopping centers […]